Focused Portfolios™ is an Authentic Assessment Process

Designed for professionals serving children
from birth through age five.

Used in child care settings all over the US and Canada
to meet licensure/accreditation requirements!

Adopted by the New Mexico
Department of Children, Youth and Families
and widely used in the state of Oklahoma
If you are a Professional working in the field of Early Childhood Education
the Focused Portfolios™ process can help you:
- manage regular classroom observations and assemble outstanding documentation
- use developmental milestones to capture each child's growth and progress
- plan for next steps in the classroom and conduct effective conferences with families
The Focused Portfolios™ process is specifically designed for:
- Teachers and Teaching Assistants in Center and Family Child Care, Head Start,  Early Head Start, Preschool, Special Needs and Inclusion Programs
- Early Childhood Center Directors, Administrators, Curriculum Coordinators and Staff Developers
- Professionals engaged in developmentally appropriate curriculum and assessment for young children
Focused Portfolios™ was written by Gaye Gronlund and Bev Engel. These two early childhood education professionals have helped guide educators in the use of authentic classroom assessment for many years.