Frequently Asked Questions

Operating System/Processor/RAM:

Our software will install and run on computers with Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Windows NT 4.0 with as little as 64MB of RAM. Windows 98 is Not supported.

Available Hard Drive Space:

Hard-drive space requirements will vary depending on your computer's current configuration. Up to 170 MB of available hard-drive space is required. Installation includes Access 2002 runtime files, and necessary system file updates for older systems, but these will only be installed if you need them. If you use Windows Update from the Microsoft website to keep Windows, Internet Explorer, etc. up to date, it is doubtful that you will need everything available during installation, so the installation size should be considerably smaller than the maximum.

CD-ROM Drive: Required for installation (Network or Local).

Display: Super VGA (800x600) or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors.

Peripherals: Mouse, or compatible pointing device.

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