Frequently Asked Questions

FPEC is a user-friendly application which emulates the paper process described in the book Focused Portfolios ™: A Complete Assessment for the Young Child. It's not simply a copy of the text of the book or a catalog of the collection forms.

The app enables teachers to create a portfolio for each child using the 17 collection forms discussed in the book. Individual portfolios are ordered by Teacher, Group then Child so multiple children may be followed within a single data file if desired.

Teachers may import images of a child playing or of a child's work to demonstrate the child's achievment of a milestone, and attach this to a collection form. Custom Milestones may also be created and saved! A full set of established milestones in all the major developmental domains are included to choose from when reporting on a child's progress. You may review those milestones here.

Portfolios can easily be transfered via removable storage media (like a flash drive) from home to school and vice/versa. Children's portfolios may be printed out for inclusion in the development IEP's etc.

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