Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a Professional working in the field of Early Childhood Education and already preparing handwritten portfolios for each of the children in your group, the Focused Portfolios™ Electronic Companion can provide you with the following benefits:

The Focused Portfolios™ Electronic Companion eliminates:

The Focused Portfolios™ Electronic Companion allows providers to create, edit, save, copy and print complete portfolios for each child in a program. It contains all 17 portfolio collection forms as well as the ability to "click and insert" the Developmental Milestones from the book Focused Portfolios™: A Complete Assessment for the Young Child.

Providers may create separate data files by teacher, class or child. Providers may use as much page space as needed to write Collection Form anecdotes and digital photographs or scans of childrens' work may be imported as well.

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