About the Focused Portfolios™ Assessment process

The Purpose
The Focused Portfolios™ Assessment process.
The Design of the Focused Portfolios™ process.
Focused Portfolios™: A complete assessment process.
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The Design of the process. The Design of the Focused Portfolios™ process
The design of a Focused Portfolios™ collection is the same for infants and toddlers, as well as for preschoolers. It includes the collection of ten (10) pieces of documentation per child either two or three times a year. These ten items include photographs accompanied by anecdotes, children's work samples accompanied by anecdotes, or anecdotes which stand alone.

The Focused Portfolios™ plan specifies areas of development for teachers to document. Four categories are included: Favorites, Friends, Family and Developmental Milestones. Teachers take photographs of children in the classroom, write anecdotes and collect work samples to demonstrate how children:

  • exhibit their favorite activities
  • choose special friends
  • share information about their family members
  • accomplish developmental milestones.