About the Focused Portfolios™ Assessment process

The Purpose
The Focused Portfolios™ Assessment process.
The Design of the Focused Portfolios™ process.
Focused Portfolios™: A complete assessment process.
This Book is "Teacher-Friendly" because it's straightforward and easy to use.
Focused Portfolios Focused Portfolios™: A complete assessment process
  • All necessary portfolio documentation forms (as reproducible masters, in English and Spanish) are included in the book.
  • Naturalistic observation notes, photos and work samples are collected
  • Families, teachers and administrators see concrete examples describing each child's strengths, current challenges and progress that has been made.
  • Teachers reflect on what they know about individual children and plan next steps using developmental milestones.
  • Teachers are supported in preparing for developmentally-based, culturally sensitive discussions with each child's family.
  • Teacher/family conferences become richly rewarding experiences where teachers and family members collaborate to plan next steps for the child.
Observation and documentation help teachers individualize their planning