About the Focused Portfolios™ Assessment process

The Purpose
The Focused Portfolios™ Assessment process.
The Design of the Focused Portfolios™ process.
Focused Portfolios™: A complete assessment process.
This Book is "Teacher-Friendly" because it's straightforward and easy to use.
This book is teacher-frieindly This Book is "Teacher-Friendly" because it's straightforward and easy to use.
Focused Portfolios™: A Complete Assessment for the Young Child is a resource guide for teachers. The book contains...
  • simple, concrete explanations - no jargon;
  • step-by-step directions for implementing the portfolio process;
  • charts, forms and checklists that save time;
  • numerous examples and suggestions to help avoid confusion and/or misunderstanding;
  • descriptions of actual teacher use of the Focused Portfolios™ process, complete with quotes and suggestions for simplifying implementation;
  • two sample Focused Portfolios™ collections: one a simple and straight-forward collection for a four year-old; the other a more advanced Focused Portfolios™ application describing a toddler, done by an experienced Focused Portfolios™ teacher;
  • tips for experienced users to add more depth and complexity to the portfolio process.