Real Stories from Teachers Who Are Using the Focused Portfolios™ Process

The Focused Portfolios™ process has been in use since October 1998 in a variety of settings. From the teachers in Peoria, IL and Montreal, Quebec, who initially piloted the book to all those teachers in the US and Canada, who have since begun to implement this system of documenting children's work via portfolios, we have heard many favorable comments. Here is a sampling of the feedback we've received from teachers about their successes, challenges, responses from families and the impact on their own teaching:

Teacher's Goals:
Teachers' Knowledge About Children:
The Effect on Teaching and Curriculum:
Changes in the Quality of Teacher/Family Interaction
Teachers Feel More Prepared to Conference with Families

"I learned more about the children's personalities and character than just what they could do academically."

"Awareness of specific milestones made me understand patterns of children's behavior better."

"I know my children developmentally better. Now I'm looking at each child as we do an activity.
What do I need to do today because this child did such and such yesterday?"

"[I now have] more knowledge of "normal" development; and age appropriate activities."

"For Special Needs children, the Focused Portfolios™ process shifted the focus from what children could not do to what they are able to do."

"I know my children better because I observe it, take a picture of it, write it down. Then, the pictures come back, and I revisit it again. So, how many times have I looked at the same situation? That's why I know so much."