Real Stories from Teachers Who Are Using the Focused Portfolios™ Process

The Focused Portfolios™ process has been in use since October 1998 in a variety of settings. From the teachers in Peoria, IL and Montreal, Quebec, who initially piloted the book to all those teachers in the US and Canada, who have since begun to implement this system of documenting children's work via portfolios, we have heard many favorable comments. Here is a sampling of the feedback we've received from teachers about their successes, challenges, responses from families and the impact on their own teaching:

Teacher's Goals:
Teachers' Knowledge About Children:
The Effect on Teaching and Curriculum:
Changes in the Quality of Teacher/Family Interaction
Teachers Feel More Prepared to Conference with Families

"Families made comments like, 'I didn't realize you did all this and worked on all these areas.'"

"They particularly liked anecdotal comments and photos. My conferences had much more discussion and parent participation. It sparked ideas for parents and they told me more about their child at home."

"At first we got comments that children weren't bringing home enough papers. When the parents saw the portfolios, they were surprised to see how much was going on., how much we did everyday in preschool."

"Now parents are willing to share with us what they do at home, like playing on the computer or playing games. That's new in our conferences."

"We had some parents who were very closed about what was going on at home. And now, one of those parents tells us which little milestones her child is accomplishing at home."

"I found it so much easier to talk objectively about a child who had problems. [The family] could see it right there in black and white. They didn't think it was just my opinion."

"We won over some skeptical parents to the idea of developmental curriculum. It was very positive. They can't wait to take home the portfolio."

"For me, the portfolio's biggest benefit is that it is a super way to show parents what their child is doing. [Focused Portfolios™] pulls it all together and gives the parents a real good look at all their child is doing and accomplishing."